European Development and Know-How

We provide our franchisees with the use of a tested and reliable business model that has a proven high rate of return and organic growth in three different markets. As companies are dealing with high costs on a daily basis, our solution helps them save time and money. In-house European development and know-how are crucial for further development and continuing to provide the best performance in our field of work.

As a committed partner it is our goal to provide franchisees with great support and sharing with them the best established practices.

Moreover we provide to our franchisee:

- know-how about successful sales activities,

- knowledge how to efficiently maintain and retain the printers at customers’ locations,

- research and development activities, as we have our own department working in this area,

- trainings for sales force and support staff,

- consulting on employee management,

- analysis and trends in the market, 

- marketing tools and advertising. 

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